About Us

Loop Physical Therapy provides unique quality of care in many aspects of health care. We care for our patient's physical wellness and provide home services to those who are in need. We also specialize in nutritional wellness, early diabetes prevention and acupuncture. Our goal is to meet and exceed expectation of our patients.

Our Approach - What Makes Us Different

We provide high value experience in our clinics

* One on one care with a licensed physical therapist
* An intimate, calm and friendly athmosphere that allows both  patient and care provider to focus on treatment
* Individualized programs for patients to continue suggested physical care outside of clinical environment for faster results
* Advanced manual therapy techniques
* Functional survey services for our patients to demonstrate outcomes as well as patient satisfaction.
* Cold laser techniques to stimulate damaged tissues and to provide relief from pain and inflammation.
* Body composition analysis during initial and last visit to provide exact measurements of muscle mass increase with physical therapy after injury.
* Easy access to online scheduling through web or mobile device